Who Is Jayendra Lakhani?

Jay is a man with purpose, and his purpose is to make wisdom go viral and to share his real life experiences.

He is a living proof that you can manifest anything you want in every area of your life, and Jay Lakhani wants to help you do just that.

Jay is of Indian origin and was born in Malawi, C.Africa and at the age of 18 he emigrated to United Kingdom. Every year he spends lots of time in India to further his knowledge on Spirituality, Meditation and Yoga.

Jay started his career as an Accountant and has worked with various blue chip companies, such as holding a position of a Finance manager with a British Airways Subsidiary, and a Corporate Accountant with Visionhire – A Granada Company in the 1980s. After British airways was privatised Jay started his journey in the financial markets, trading Options and Stocks on a part time basis.

Financial Markets became his passion, so in 1990 he left a career in accountancy and went into wealth management advisory service. In year 2000 Jay sold this business and started trading the financial markets full time and this he has done since. Jay has survived a number of Stock Market crashes, such as the market plunge during the 1987 crash, the Gulf war and the Brexit chaos.

Seeing Jay trading the financial markets, many of his friends and relatives became interested in trading so Jay taught them a unique trading system, which he had devised. Jay is one of the leading Trader Coach/mentor in the financial markets and prides himself by walking the talk – trading live with real money at his seminars, which is itself a rarity amongst the so called “Gurus & Experts”

Jayendra has also authored a book titled “Forex Mastery A Child’s Play”, which is available from Amazon. In this book Jay focuses on trader psychology & mental fitness. Often the main reason traders lose money is because of lack of mental fitness, not being able to control their emotions, not keeping a journal, and being able to find a balance between fear and greed.