Manifestation of Your Desires

You cannot achieve anything just by positive thinking and imagining things, that is a fool's game. You need to have a plan and take massive actions towards your goals. To start with, you need to know:

  1. What you want?
  2. Why you want it?
  3. What is your plan?
  4. What actions do you intend to take?
  5. Are you reviewing your progress at regular intervals?
Once you have the above information, you need to strive to be the best. Do whatever it takes to get what you want in life, and the way you can achieve the desires is first to find your passion, so that you are able to live your dreams. Do the things that you love, and at the same time be rewarded for it, as a result you create a lifestyle that you want.

There are lots of opportunities around you; you need to focus your mindset to seek these opportunities so that you can attain your desires.

Get leverage "teamwork makes thedream work". Do not try to do everything yourself. Hire professionals to do some work for you, so as to make your journey easy.
If you need to increase the quality of your life you need to increase the quality of your education. Are you working on personal development which helps you in knowing more about you? Read books that can inspire you, go to seminars.

Live a life of purpose and passion. Make a commitment to do something different so that you can get different results, if you have a positive mindset you will create abundance for you.

If you are not achieving abundance, then do you have mental blind spots which are stopping you creating abundance, find out what these blind spots are, and then address them.

Do you have a monkey mind, which creates the internal voices, which can often affect your focus? These voices can never disappear, but with control you are able to manage them.

Get clarity in what you want in life, do not be fizzy, once you are absolutely clear in what you want, you are able to move forward to achieve the abundance that you require.

Warrior Attitude - Be resilient, when you are down, or meet with obstacles, you just need to pick yourself up and ensure that your spirit is never broken. I often say that you are your biggest mentor - learning from past experiences and journals. Life is a series of failing forward, you never fail but you get feedback so that you learn from it so that next time you are able to do things differently.