The Present Moment

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life then learn to be happy and joyful in the now, rather than living in the past or worrying about the future. Many are unable to forget and let go of the past hurts, which is creating blockages in their energy vibrations. Many are worried about what the future holds, leading to anxiety and stress. The best way out is to be in the present moment, as what you do now creates the tomorrow.

In this blog, I shall help you change your focus so that you are able to be in the present.

Journey to enlightenment

According to Vedanta, when you are enlightened, there are two shifts taking place within you, which are:

Firstly you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. Secondly, you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities.

So enlightenment is when you are in a state of bliss and free from suffering, as this is your natural state. You have achieved clarity of perception, knowledge and wisdom with emphasis on spirituality. You are able to control your mind. This state is only possible when you are living in the present moment. The past does not bother you and the future does not worry you.

Removing Ego

When you can conquer and tame your ego, you are in the flow. When there is ego there is no peace, often the ego comes in when one is living in the past and also has desires and fears of the future. For example people often say when I get so and so, I will be happy or at peace! But why should the peace or happiness be dependent on an event? You can find that peace and happiness NOW!

Egoic mind is the negativity inside us that makes us feel disempowered, hopeless and pessimistic about the future and this can result in having limiting beliefs.

Living in the past or the future can create stress and anxiety. Do you give too much focus to the past? The sooner you break away from the past - negative or positive - the better. Certainly do not ignore past events, use it as an experience, and learn from it and then move on to the present.

Equally, too much emphasis must not be given to the future - it is a case of being here but not being satisfied, you are wanting to be elsewhere. You are not happy with what you have now. It is a case of you don't want what you have got, and you want what you haven't got. Dissatisfaction of the NOW creates inner conflict giving out negative vibrations.

Certainly nothing wrong with making plans, having desires for the future - experience it or visualise it, but then come back to reality, i.e. into NOW, as it is the actions in NOW that will determine the future. So for the time being, enjoy the present and be happy and content with what you have. When the inner conflict is removed - positive vibrations are given out to the universe, you will be is a relaxed state thereby enabling you to achieve your goals easily.

The more attention you give to the past or the future, the more you energise it, and more inner conflicts are created. Again, nothing wrong with looking at the past or future, observe it so long as it is useful, then put your attention to the present moment.

The Bhagavad Gita states that the mind is VERY POWERFUL if guided, but can be destructive if left alone, if it is not tamed then in time it can grow into a monster. You have to be the master of the mind, but in reality it is the mind which controls you, it has taken over you. In my opinion 90% of people have a thought process that is often repetitive and useless and much of it is negative which is harmful. This is waste of vital energy.

You have the power to stop the monkey mind by detaching yourself from the mind. How? To begin with start by observing the voices coming from your mind. You are just an independent observer, offering no judgement and gradually as the intensity of these thoughts lessen, you will then experience stillness and peace within you. You are now in your natural state of peace. The more you practice this, the more at peace you will become.

Secondly you can create peace within by focusing your attention to the present moment. In this state your mind activity ceases and also you are more alert as you become aware of your environment. You are in a meditation state.

Try this out, go for a walk in a park, observe the greenery, the trees, the birds chirping, the sound of wind, or even your own steps that you take, or your own breathing. Or how about when you are having a shower, feel the sound of the water, observe your movement, the fragrance of the soap, the water flowing freely and so on. How do you feel? Do you experience peace within?

So what you are doing is detaching yourself from the mind. You are becoming more conscious. You are not in a trance or having lost consciousness here. You are simply experiencing bliss, peace within but also at the same time you are more alert, thus it takes away all the wasteful energy which goes down the drain.

Emotion is a disturbance of mind and creates pain, e.g.jealousy, hatred, anger, depression and so on. These emotions create lot of wasteful body energy. When there is a negative thought, then the body is getting ready to fight or flight. Once again to combat this menace you have to sit back and observe the emotions with a detachment. Focus on how you are feeling. The thoughts and emotions feed each other.

What you resist persists, so the harder the mind struggles to get rid of pain the more you will suffer.

The true nature of the soul are obscured by the mind's disturbance and therefore it is clouded and cannot be seen, just as when the sky is clouded, it does not mean that the sun has disappeared, it is still there but hiding behind the clouds. Similarly, your natural qualities are hidden away within yourself.