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Jay Lakhani has been trading the financial markets since his early twenties. He has extensive experience and trades derivatives, Forex, Index & Stock futures, and Commodities. Jay was introduced to the glory of Stock market by the Lady Thatcher's Privatisation programme in the eighties, and has never looked back. He has survived a number of Market Crashes, including the crash of 1987 - an experience that has made him a better trader today. Over the years, he has developed unique systems and strategies, which has made him a successful trader.

Majority of retail traders fail and the main reasons of this failure is due to a lack of a trading plan, not adhering to risk management and not having the mental fitness. Jay has authored 2 books and the details are as follows:


Trading Mastery A Child’s Play – This book covers trading strategies and how you can create a winning trading plan. The Book is available from Amazon, and the link is as follows:


FREE Ebook - Develop A Winning Attitude.

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The emotions and mental states that dictate success or failure in every area of your life. You may have the skill, but still fail. Being at the right place at the right time may not help you if you are not the “right person”. Mental fitness refers to the aspects of an individual’s mental makeup that help determine whether he or she will be successful, whether it is trading, sports, running a business or even in day to day lives.


If you are NEW to Financial Trading, then always start with a DEMO Practice account. Some of the brokers that I use are as follows; Click on the link to open either a LIVE or a Demo account:

  1. Core Spreads UK
  2. IC Markets

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We have conducted LIVE Trading seminars worldwide – UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Italy, Bulgaria, Mauritius, India and many places. Every quarter we have Live Seminars in the UK.

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