GENIUS108 Online Course

Most people are stuck in life, working hard just to fulfil someone else’s dream. The Genius108 online course will allow you to find your purpose in life, so that you can live with passion and create an abundant life of wealth, health, happiness & joy. We will help you to lead a "Balanced" life.

Jay Lakhani is a financial markets trader with 40 years experience, and in this course he is sharing techniques which he has used in each and every area of his life to achieve abundant success.

The Genius course will have the following features – All in one:

  1. The foundation awakening course
  2. Heal your heart
  3. Mind power techniques
  4. How to apply the law of attraction correctly to manifest abundance in your life

The Foundation Awakening Course

The Awakening module will give you a step-by-step approach for finding YOU, knowing YOU so that you can start the work towards achieving your goals and desires in all areas of your life. It will also look into complete mind, body and spiritual transformation.

Heal Your Heart Course

This module will help you to heal your heart from fear, anger, frustration, stress, and negativity through various daily programs to increase your positive vibrations and power of manifestation. It is to get you into a FLOW state so you experience positivity, love, joy and happiness.

Often, you carry pain and trauma in your heart that needs to be healed. Negative emotions BLOCK all your manifestations. When your Heart is Blocked with negative emotions, you cannot be in the flow, that’s why your heart need to be healed from all negativities. This part of the course will include techniques to help you to let go with past trauma and negative energies

Mind Power Training

This training will provide you with knowledge, tools and techniques on how you you can program your mind so as to achieve unlimited potentials that lie within you. In this course we will cover the following aspects;

  1. Subconscious mind programming
  2. A clear path to achieve your desires
  3. Find your Big Why?
  4. Have your heart and mind in synch.
  5. Eliminate negative thinking
  6. Discover your passion and purpose

Why does the law of attraction not work for me?

You have tried to think happy thoughts, make vision boards, do positive affirmations, but nothing works.

The Law of attraction on its own is not enough, and there are other laws of the universe you need to be aligned with, for example the laws of vibration, the laws of karma etc. In this course we will discuss how you can use all the other laws.

Once the payment has been made, you will be emailed a login & password to the member area. This has all the online training modules in video and audio format, which you can watch it at a time convenient to you. You will have access to the course for 12 months.

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