Corona Virus & Any Diseases with MIND POWER
Heal Your Heart & Lifestyle Changes for Immunity

This documentary will empower you when you understand that we already posses an extraordinary healing power within us. Miracles will happen to your life when you start to use the power of your mind, body and your emotions. In presentation we look at:

  1. How I healed serious illness
  2. How to use mind power techniques
  3. Heal your heart of negative emotions
  4. How Lifestyle changes can boost your immune system

Sometimes you need a wakeup call to take your life & health in your hands. Jayendra Lakhani, A financial Markets trader shares his experience of how he managed to heal serious illness based on spirituality, mind power and changes in lifestyle.

Jayendra shares his wisdom on how our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, lifestyle & spirituality have a huge impact on our health.

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