My Inspiration

I feel inspired, hopeful, happy and full of motivation with a lovely sense of purpose in life. We die only once....... but we live every day, so I want to make the most of my life. I want to make a mark in this birth, and uplift as many souls as possible. It is my vision to spread love, joy, happiness and spirituality to as many people as possible. Life is one enormous opportunity, and I am not going to squander it.

Inspiration to me is when a person gives me enough motives to do or feel something creative or beneficial for others or myself. Each person in my life is very important as to why I am the person today. They all have different characteristics of inspiration that they have given me. My first thoughts of my family are always why they mean so much to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without anyone of my family members.

Here are the reasons each person has given me some inspiration.

My Father

My father Mohanlal Lakhani has been one of the greatest inspirations to me. I grew up being very close to him from childhood and he always supported me in whatever I did and motivated me. Just before the big crash in 1987, I quit my job at British Airways to go into trading the financial markets. After the crash, I had lost everything, I was devastated. No job, my wife was pregnant with our first child and I had no money. My father gave me the encouragement and motivation to pursue my dreams, he told me “Do what you love and follow your dreams. If you fail then keep trying till you succeed”.

My dad was just 15 years old, when he left India in the 1940’s to take a dangerous sea route to Malawi, C.Africa. I wonder how many people would have taken that journey to start a new life, in a strange country – maybe one in a million. My father was a man of morals and high values; he was a self made person who lived with dignity and honesty. He often would tell me that we are masters of our destiny and this can be achieved by hard work. During my childhood, he spent quality time telling stories to all the children. He died in 1993, but his lessons are still with me, which I have tried to pass on to my own children.

My Mother

My mother Indira Lakhani is a superhuman, and I owe what I am today to her. When we were in Africa, when the going was tough financially, she would not only take care of the family business but also run a successful catering business, which then became famous in Malawi. She instilled the values of hard work in all the children. Today aged 79, she still does not stop working hard, raising a large family and also looking after the grand children and now the great grand children.

My mother even today works tirelessly in making other people’s lives better. Whether it is running a spiritual gathering for the elderly at her home, which she has been doing for the last 25 years or focusing on spiritual discourse and mantra meditation. My mother has been involved with many charitable missions, and every year she has eye camps for the poor&child education donations in India. She has been doing this for the last 20 years, and so far as a result, thousands of people have benefitted from better eye sight. Mother, you are truly a superhuman.

Some 15 years ago, my mother’s health was not keeping well. She decided to take her health in her own hands. Focusing on Ayuerveda, naturopathy, yoga & pranayama. Today, at the age of 79, daily she does 2 hours of yoga & pranayama, her health is getting better and is a great inspiration to many people in the society. Due to her efforts I also started doing yoga, meditation and pranayama, which has helped me with my own health.

My Teachers

Let no man in the world live in delusion, without a Guru, no one can succeed in life. Some people who come into your life to make you a better being and give us wings to fly. Just as in the west, you have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day India, we have a Teacher’s day called Guru Purnima. On this day, we bow down to our Gurus to express gratitude for giving us immense wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

I would like to thank all my teachers who have enlightened my path by removing the darkness of ignorance. Wherever I am, whatever good exists in me is very much due to all the teachers who have helped me. Thank You.

My Spiritual Inspiration

Spirituality is about our inner life and its relationship with the wider world. It includes our relationship with the environment, our relationships with others and with ourselves.Each person’s spirituality is greatly impacted by the association of people and to be spiritually well will mean a positive engagement with others, self and our environment.

Throughout life I have sought knowledge from a number of spiritual organisations, which has made a deep impact in my life. Some of the organisations include, the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Yoga &Pranyama from Patanjali Yog Pith, Vippasna meditation – teachings of Sri Goenkaji, Sister Shivani from the Brahmakumaris world spiritual university, ISKCON and many more.

From all these organisations combined I have learnt to be content, maintaining a good work/home life balance, working on building positive relationships, experiencing that there is a Supreme, greater than oneself, and finally accepting and growing from challenges and changes in life.


I have been associating with this organisation for the past 10+ years, and I am still learning all the time from various Gurus and also associating with likeminded devotees.

Some devotees had given me a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, but it had sat on my desk for more than 3 years and I just could not understand its structure and content. I recall listening to Steve Job’s lecture at Stamford University of how he would walk 7 miles to get one good meal at the Krishna temple. In the beginning, I only went to the ISKCON centre to enjoy the delicious vegetarian feast and the mantra meditation with lots of dancing. The atmosphere was simply electrifying. For me relishing the vegetarian food played a defining role in my journey to seek spiritual wisdom from ISKCON.

It was not until I read Radhanath Swami’s The Journey Home, and heard Jai Nitai Das, the president at the Soho Hare Krishna temple in London, that I took to reading the Bhagavad Gita. Still a long way to go to fully understand the teachings of this amazing ancient scripture, but I am learning every day.

Just as someone had given me a copy of Bhagavad Gita As It Is, by Srila Prabhupada, I always carry a copy of this at all my business meetings and talk about it at my seminars, and to date I have distributed hundreds of copies of this book, hoping that it will inspire someone just as I have been inspired.

The Journey Home – By Radhanath Swami

In my life I have read many books, but one of the books which changed my whole perspective was “They Journey Home” – autobiography of an American Monk, by Richard Slavin later known as Radhanath Swami. In this book, the author sets out on a journey to self discovery at the age of just 19.

He, along with his friend, decide to go to Europe before starting college. During the journey, one day while meditating Richard heard his calling: India. He sets off on an incredible journey to India having all sorts of experiences on the way. Once in India, he meets many mystic yogis, gurus, spiritual teachers before he finally found his path—the Bhakti Yoga – This is the path, which I myself am learning at the moment. During his search for his life’s purpose, Radhanath Swami met and learned from various spiritual leaders like Mother Teresa, Swami Rama, Baba Ram Das and his spiritual master Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON.

The Bhagavad Gita

Every day I am learning from the Bhagavad Gita, and this has become my daily read. I have been sharing my experiences with my clients and friends and how I have tried to apply the wisdom from Bhagavad Gita not only in my business as a trader in financial markets, but also to my day to day life.

I will not repeat everything here but you can read more about it clicking here.