One to One Coaching

Fast-track Your Personal Growth and Success

Why figure everything out the hard way. Nobody makes it alone. Nobody has made it alone. Be guided by someone who has the experience, and walks the talk.

Jayendra Lakhani, Currency Trader

A mentor can cut years off your learning, but finding the right mentor isn’t easy. With my vast experience as a Currency Trader, I have walked the talk and can help you manifest abundance in each and every area of your life. The one to one coaching is all about you. It’s about helping you recognise and overcome hurdles and develop the right strategies to deal with them.

One to one coaching will help you raise your game, unravel a problem, execute a new task, master a new skill or find direction, purpose and ultimately balance in your work and life. Here are some examples of challenges I’ve helped my clients overcome:

Move from procrastination to ACTION.

Lack of motivation often leads to procrastination, and you are unable to take the massive action.
– With the right support it’s pretty simple to break out of a rut. Once you have your Big WHY? And the mind and heart are in synch, you can be unstoppable.

Change of career

Career change is one of the most unsettling prospects for anyone, especially if you’ve been doing what you’re doing now for a long time.Aside from my clients, I myself have had career changes and been through this transition myself. From being an accountant with a British Airways company to a financial adviser and now a currency trader. During my transition, I used the tools, techniques and ways of thinking I will give you to turn what was a frightening unknown into an exciting opportunity.

They don’t have enough time.

You have two options when you think you have too little time. You can either try to find more time (which is finite). Or you can find ways of doing more in less time (which is infinite). The key is “self management of your time”. There is always “enough” time to do what is important to you. I will help you with skills to do more of what counts in less time.

They feel the fear or don’t feel confidence.

What’s frustrating about this subject is fear leads to more people giving up on their hopes, dreams and ambitions than any other challenge.

I am the author of “Forex Mastery A Child’s Play”, Yet only 10% of traders make it really big. Being a currency trader, I can say that 90% fail to make, but it should not be the case. You can succeed in any field with the right mental skills. I will help you get the right mental skills; you will have the paradigm shift.

They want to optimise their creative process.

You can manifest abundance effortlessly when you are in the flow. I’m sure you’ve experienced it, although you might call it the zone, inspiration, or maybe even the muse. When you are in FLOW you do your best work, you do it many times faster, you love doing it and you’re so immersed that you don’t notice the passage of time.

As a currency trader, I never ever say TGIF....I am always looking forward to my Mondays. Off course I do enjoy my weekends and breaks, my holidays, but my profession has become my hobby and my hobby earns me the money.

Is my success guaranteed?

All the results my clients have experienced are because they have taken action in the direction of their goals. When you’re my client you’ll find it easier to take action, due to the added accountability and focus our coaching relationship brings. And the actions you take will have greater impact because the thinking you do in our coaching sessions will be of a higher and deeper quality than the thinking you have done before.
But while I will do everything in power to help you create results, in the end you are responsible. To get the most from the process it is essential you take action.

How It Works

All our coaching sessions are via Zoom audio or video.

There will be 4 weekly sessions of 90 minutes, and unlimited personal email support is included.

Your investment is UK Pounds 499 for the 4 week session, and if you feel you want ongoing support then you can renew it. Some of my clients have preferred a ongoing monthly sessions. In addition to this you will also get FREE access the Genius Awakening online course.

How to Order
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Amount Payable For the one-to-one Course £499.00