Success Stories

Never Stop Believing!
I am a qualified Accountant and was at my lowest in my previous job. Yes it paid well - £75,000 annual salary with lots of perks, but really hated the job. We had a big mortgage and I got pregnant with my first child. I was also trading the financial markets, using Jay Lakhani’s BindalFX system and making £500 per month, which was not enough to supplement my income if I was to pack up my job.
I really wanted to give up my job, so that I could be with my baby. I wanted to give all the love and care to my child. I wanted to be there when the baby utters the first word, wanted to be there when the baby takes the first step. But how could I pack up my job as surviving on just my husband’s salary was not enough.
I was doing my visualisations, meditations...... everything under the sun, but not getting any answers on which way to move! I was really desperate it really made me sad! My mind was now really restless.
Just then I had decided to take the plunge and join Jay’s 1:1 mentoring. The sessions were not just about the financial markets, but more on mind programming, spirituality, health and overall leading a balanced life.
The first thing Jay did was to help me being in the FLOW, by being calm, relaxed and be at peace with myself. Only in this state, will the visualisations and affirmations work, because now you are in a RECEIVING mode, you are not desperate.
Jay taught me “Do not focus on the results, but have an attitude to improve myself in trading, and slowly taking the mini steps to increase my trade sizes. When you are constantly improving yourself, you will be in the FLOW and the results will follow. The moment I changed my focus, slowly everything was beginning to fall in place.
Jay taught me to focus on my BIG WHY? On my passion and the process on what action I need to take, and NOT focus on the end results. Jay introduced me to doing proper way of doing meditation and encouraged me to read The Bhagavad Gita – this now has become my daily reading.
Jay assured me that the universe wasn’t going to disappoint me! I had to have the belief. Slowly my profits from trading started increasing and I was now earning £2,000 per month, which is what I needed to give up my job. I was happiest when I resigned from my job.
I am now blessed with 2 lovely children; I am trading the financial markets earning more then what I had earned as an accountant, and in half the time from the comforts of my home. There is no commuting, no bosses and I can work from anywhere in the world. We have several holidays in a year. My husband has gone part time in his consultancy work and also trading the financial markets.
Jay, I am so thankful for helping me and I still can’t believe I manifested it! It feels like a dream and I am so enjoying it! For those who are sceptical, believe me, the Universe will bring you exactly what you want. But you have to be in the FLOW and be ready to receive it. I just needed that paradigm shift, I am living my best life and it will only get better! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Deepa Shah London

Rewrite Your Life.
I was in deep debt, suffering from stress and ill health. Worry was a daily thing. One day I began searching for a solution as I really wanted to move on and manifest abundance. I started doing Jay’s “heal your heart” program and slowly I was able to change my life.
I realized that every failure I had in my life was my own doing. I was not in the flow and my thoughts, emotions and feelings were full of stress and negativity, which were blocking me receiving abundance.
By following “heal your heart” my life changed drastically. I am now living the best versions of my reality. With this program, I learnt to let go past hurts, I was forgiving everyone who had made my life a hell, and I stopped worrying about the future. I was living in the NOW, and enjoying every moment.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Helen Johnson Australia

Success in trading the financial markets has to be with having the right mental fitness. To begin with trading was very difficult and I was regularly losing money all the time. I was fortunate to come across Jay Lakhani, and attended a 3 day LIVE Workshop in London, which included one full day of live trading. Jay made it look so easy, and with his help I have been able to learn the mechanics of trading and most importantly focussing more on Trader psychology. The GENIUS within me was awakened!

Christophe Broillet Switzerland

Jay – Following the Bindal Trading mastery system is really a child’s play, I can’t believe I made it as hard as I did. Thank you for the ongoing advice and guidance and motivating me all the time. This year is going to be a game changer. The missing link was BELIEVING IN MYSELF, The moment I realised that the GENIUS is within me, lot of weight was taken off my shoulders and I started to look within to find the answers

Bubs Dharni United Kingdom

Your spiritual nature is what attracted me to your programs on trading the financial markets. The fact that you happen to be an amazing trader and teacher really adds icing to the cake!

Jim Martin USA

About few months ago I was searching different forex forums to find an answer for proper entry technique. One of the participant said: Keep it simple stupid - KISS and he provided link to your website. I wasn't sure if he was joking or he was serious about that "stupid" and "KISS" word.
Very impressed with your training, and you have true desire to help traders achieve their dream. We all have the GENIUS within us, just needed someone to guide me through.

Marta Kalinowska USA

I would say I have learned heaps and I would say that you are the best mentor I ever met and I ever wish I only met you before. I am very happy for everything that you do in the live trading sessions; your focus on the MENTAL FITNESS was the key! Truly the GENIUS was awakened. Thank you Jay

Wally Tiger Australia

Can you manifest abundance in an instant? Not necessarily, it all depends on your consciousness when you're making your requests from the universe. You have to be in the FLOW and it is important that your focus is totally on positives. If you are in a fear based place, and full of worries and anxiety, then you will end up attracting more of this in your life. Many people do not get what they want because the negative energy within is blocking abundance coming to you, and when we are asking from a place of desperation, you will simply fail! Period
My 1:1 sessions with Jay were superb and finally I started to look within me. The video tutorials have been a great help. I had to go back to the basics and unlearn all the bad habits in my life, I needed to grow and evolve, only then I was able to start to attract abundance in my life. Once I was in the FLOW, I was simply unstoppable.
Thank you for being there for me.

Vinod Gohil United Kingdom

My name is Dr Maulik Shelat. I am a physician based in beautiful area of Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. I have been a doctor in NHS for last 17 years now. I can say that I am successful person earning good salary. It has always been my dream to trade financial markets. I was looking for a good mentor. Being a health care professional, I was completely naïve to financial markets.
As I was very keen to learn trading, I did not give up. I don’t believe in giving up easily. I attended a trading show in Central London where I met Jay Lakhani. My first impression was, “I have found a right person”. Very next day, I became member of BindalFX group. Since that day, I haven’t looked back. Mr Jay Lakhani has changed my attitude towards trading and especially towards life.
Meditation and affirmations have helped me a lot. My approach to trading has completely changed now. I have become a very positive person. I write my affirmations every morning and make journals. I do self-audit and self-analysis which has given me great feedback. Mr Lakhani is a great mentor. He gives me regular 1:1 sessions which inspires me and pushes me to do right things in life. I always said that I needed a good teacher and a gentle push which he has very kindly provided. He is always happy to help.
Good thing is my wife who is a physiotherapist has also joined me in trading and my son is also getting interested. Needless to say, my wife is getting her training and mentoring from Jay Lakhani. My goal is to get more involved in trading and become a full time trader in next five years which I think I can achieve with ongoing training and support of Mr Jay Lakhani.

Dr Maulik Shelat United Kingdom